It can be said that rescue dogs make the best pets.

This past Wednesday was National Rescue Dog Day, a day to celebrate all the dogs that have found a new home. I have owned several dogs in my life, growing up we always had to have a pure breed, either a miniature Poodle or a German Shepherd. As I got older and married, I gained a new dog (compliments of my wife) who was rescued dog. Someone had dumped her on a county road and my wife happened to stumble upon her and picked her up. Abby was her name and she was an awesome dog that always had one of those 'doggie' smiles on.

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After Abby's passing, we adopted another rescue. This time it was a pup from the SPCA of East Texas. She was a little thing that came with the name of Kara. Being a Border Collie mix, she is full of energy and is pretty smart. My only wish now is that we could have adopted her brother at the same time but couldn't because the foster family was a 'foster failure', meaning they failed at fostering, but gained a new pet. Although that term sounds bad, foster failure, it's actually a good thing because a dog gets a deserving and loving family to be a part of.

There are many shelters and rescue facilities around East Texas that have dogs, cats and other animals up for adoption. All you need to do is reach out to these agencies and view their pets and give one a loving home. Check out the Humane Society's Pets Fur People in Tyler, Tyler Animal Control, Nicholas Pet Haven, the SPCA of East Texas, Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center or simply search for animal adoption center near you.

On National Rescue Dog Day we asked on our Facebook page for you to send us a pic of your rescue dog and you responded. Here are some of the pups that have been rescued in East Texas and beyond.

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