There's a reason so many of us love to spend our free hours watching those adorable animal videos.

After all, these creatures bring us so much joy. I guess that's why the alternative is true, too. Watching videos of animals that have been injured, abandoned, or otherwise hurt in any way, can be one of the most painful things we can ever see.

But sometimes, even the saddest, most heart-wrenching stories can have happy endings.

Like the story of Gus, for example.

It was several years ago when Gus' story began to circulate around the internet and began breaking hearts all over the world.

A woman who works with Houston, Texas K 911 Rescue saw him walking and was like "Is that a DOG?"

She couldn't believe it at first because his head was so disproportionately large compared to his body. She and colleagues began trying to find him so they could get him help. He was hiding out in an abandoned apartment building. They finally got him to the hospital so he could be treated.

The lady who made sure he was rescued went back to visit him at the hospital. She said it was as if he was without hope. Even though he was only 10 months old, he communicated no sense of knowing what it meant to be loved and cared for by a human being.

Screenshot from We Love Animals FB Video
Screenshot from We Love Animals FB Video

Someone has tied a shoestring around his neck when he was a puppy as if they were trying to use that as a collar, perhaps. As Gus grew over time, that shoestring slowly turned from collar to a type of neck vice and started to cut into the flesh on his neck. It got so bad his head began to swell.

But this brave Texas dog's beginning troubles didn't end there.

Gus had been hit by a car and that impact shattered his pelvic bone. The vets also discovered 26 pieces of bullet shrapnel in his leg, too.

But through all of that, he survived. And although he was understandably frightened in the beginning, it is so uplifting to hear that he began to open up and let himself be cared for, as if he realized they were trying to help him.

Gus ended up being in the hospital for around a month or so. Thankfully, the swelling in his head began to go down. And when the lady who took him home for him to fully recover shared that once Gus realized he was safe, he became a chill, happy dog.

In fact, the lady who fostered him had intended to then adopt him out to another family. But, once she saw how well he adjusted in her care and with her other dogs, she decided to adopt him as her own.

You see the video that initially got so much attention for this sweet dog here:

How delightful to hear that he's well-loved, happy, and is even doing his own good work now, too! After all, as you saw in the video, Gus inspired so many people to stand up for animal welfare. He's visiting schools to promote the importance of kindness to animals, won an award, and even got to walk the red carpet in Hollywood!

But even after all of that, I get the feeling that the best part of all of this is the fact that now he has a loving forever home. And y'all, these pajamas are KILLING me with their cuteness.

Congrats to Gus on his well-deserved happiness. Animals deserve nothing less.

Here's a quick photographic journey of Gus' story:

Meet Gus: One Texas Dog's Story Turns From Heartbreak to Hope [PHOTOS]

His head was swollen, he had been hit by a car which shattered his pelvic bone. The vets also discovered 26 pieces of bullet shrapnel in his leg, too.

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