My friend, M., just had twins. She sent me the sweetest text this morning asking how I was doing and I instantly felt shame wash over me for not checking up on HER! Some friend I am! We aren't that close, but we got to know each other a little bit better doing volunteer work for a local nonprofit agency. Last year, she had confided in me about trying in vitro treatments so that she and her husband could have a baby. She ended up giving birth to two very healthy fraternal twins last month! Congratulations M. and your hubby!

After I picked my shame up off the floor, I grabbed my phone and texted M. back.

"Hey girl, hey! What do you need? Is there anything I can bring you for the babies?"

I know from personal experience that as a new mom, the last thing you want to do is ask for help, but dang it, that's what FRIENDS are for! We are your strength when you get weak! So let's go, tell us how we can help you! If you find yourself in the same predicament, don't let your newly parented friends suffer in silence, especially your single parent friends!

I came up with five ways you can be a life hack to a new (or old) parent in need.

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    Offer to do a load or two of laundry for your friend. If they have already washed the clothes, offer to come over and fold them. I know first-hand what it's like to wash several loads of clothes and have them sit in a pile for a week because the folding process seems so daunting!

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    Offer to cook a freezer meal for your parent friend, even if their child is not a baby anymore. What tired parent wouldn't appreciate and enjoy popping a pre-made meal in their oven--a meal that they didn't have to make themselves?!

    With children in the house, everyone in the family can get wiped out quickly, yes, even the family pet. Feed them, too!

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    Offer to babysit the kid(s) while the parent takes a much-needed nap or give them time to go run some baby-free errands. You could even be a gem and order some groceries delivered to their home via Instacart or Amazon Prime!

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    Offer to let their kid(s) have a playdate with your kids for a few hours or even a sleepover at your home (yes, even during the coronavirus)! Social distance or whatever works best for you and the parent.

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    Offer to do a couple of household chores for them (I only said a couple, not the whole da*n house)! You could also hire a house cleaning or professional organizer to come over and help them get organized! I sure wish someone would give ME the gift of a professional organizer!