A co-worker of mine is moving away and that had me thinking, if I was moving away from East Texas where would my final meals be.

I often write about restaurants around Tyler and East Texas - whether they are in their construction phase, opening or closing - restaurant news is a pretty big deal around here. We all love to go out to eat because that means we're not creating a mess in our kitchen! When it comes to going out to eat we all have our favorite places to go, they could be a fast food place, coffee shop, casual dining restaurant and probably many times our favorites are chains, but our local restaurant scene offers up a great variety.

So with my friend moving away that got me to thinking, excluding the chain restaurants (because their food is pretty much the same no matter what part of the state or country you move to), where would my final meals in East Texas come from.

We have a ton of great local dining places and after thinking about it, here's where my final meals would come from if I were leaving East Texas (in no particular order):

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