Spring time can mean a bunch of good things. It mean's pretty flowers, cool weather, and that summer is right around the corner. One of the bad things about spring though is pollen. That icky yellow stuff that covers your car and gets your allergies all messed up. While there isn't much you can do to keep it off your car and everything else, there are some things you can do to keep it from making you sneeze.

Stay Inside

Pollen count is higher on warm and breezy days. Especially during the middle of the day. So if you have to be outside, make it early morning or late evening to avoid the mass amounts of pollen.


Pollen isn't just outside, it's found inside your home as well. Every day household dusts contain pollen. So keep your home nice and clean to avoid extra pollen allergies.

Use Your Air Conditioner

While the weather outside may be beautiful, the pollen isn't. So instead of opening your doors and windows to keep the house cool, turn on your air conditioner. That will keep your home cool and pollen free. You can do the same in your car as well.

Avoid Working On The Lawn

Activities such as mowing, raking, and most other lawn care activities stir up pollen even if it isn't that bad. However if you keep your grass below 2 inches it can't pollinate. Just to be safe you should consider hiring a professional  to do your yard.

Clean Up

When you get home at night you should take a shower and change clothes. So that way you aren't carrying the pollen around with you. You should also make sure to wash your hair before going to bed. If you don't, the pollen will transfer to your pillow and you will breathe it in while sleeping.