Vodka has helped generations of people dance, talk to strangers, get in trouble and take the edge off - but let's talk about what else it can do. I bet you'll be surprised when you find out how useful it is!

Vodka has proved itself to be highly useful, even when it's not being used as a beverage. Check out how nifty vodka really is here:

1. Relieving Itching From Poison Ivy

Pouring some vodka on an area immediately after it has come in contact with poison ivy is said to remove the oil that causes poison ivy rashes to itch (urushiol oil). So next time you find yourself in a patch of poison ivy, grab a bottle of vodka and pour a little on you - and you might as well grab a drink while you're at it.

2. Taking Stickers and Price Tags Off

Have a sticker stuck somewhere you'd rather not have one? Using vodka in the same manner you would use something like Goo Gone works just as well! Although it may take a tad bit more time (approximately a minute or so) than other products, it won't leave any sort of residue behind! It's worth a shot anyway.

3. Making Homemade Vanilla Extract

If you use a lot of vanilla extract in your cooking, or just like to have it on hand, this might be your favorite use for vodka ever. By soaking vanilla beans in vodka for a few months, you can make your own! Look here for details on how to make it properly.

4. Relieving Pain From Spicy Foods

The chemical that makes peppers hot (Capsaicin) is actually vodka-soluble. Basically that means when your friends dare you to eat a crazy-hot pepper, you can take a swig of vodka as a chaser and be good as new because Capsaicin will react with the burning sensation from the pepper! Ready to tackle the ghost pepper now?

5. Making Pie Crust Flaky and Delicious

Fun fact: when you use vodka in your pie crust recipe, it doesn't permit gluten to form, which keeps the consistency perfectly flaky. If that doesn't inspire to go bake a pie right now, it might be time to re-evaluate how delicious pies with perfect crust are. It is fall after all, and that means it's pie season! Get specific direction for the recipe here. 

Who knew, right?