Black Friday is in just a few days. The day of massive sales, long lines, and a generally frantic attitude is upon us. Just a day after we all give thanks for all that we have, we crowd in our local stores to rampage for the best deal. During this chaotic day, we need to remember to be kind to those working. 

If you are a crazy person and are going out in the cold morning hours of Black Friday, you need to keep one thing in mind, a kind of self mantra. "I will be kind and courteous to those working today." If you enter into the insane world of cheap prices and pushy people, may you be the better person. Keep your head on straight and be nice. Why? Well, here are some darn good reasons to be.

1. They are working, you are not.


Keep in mind, while you are out doing your shopping and eating about town, you have this time to yourself. Those working at every stop you make on Black Friday did not get the day.

They are not getting extra time with their family at this, the beginning of the holiday season. They are not getting the leisure time to go spend money. They are stuck in the middle of all the madness, making sure you, your friends, your neighbors, your family, and everyone else is being taken care of and getting what they desire.

These folks did not wake up early in the morning or go into work at 2 a.m. all excited to come be yelled at by you for a product being sold out. They do not count down the days until they can be belittled for simply doing their jobs.

Be as grateful and appreciative as you were on Thanksgiving and give these folks a break.

2. They control your food.

If you are venturing to one of the few open restaurants open on Black Friday, keep in mind that your waiters and waitresses are people too.

These hard working folks are busting butt trying to make sure you get your hungry belly filled. They understand that you have been on your feet all day shopping, they can understand the pain. They have been on their feet all day, just like every other day, going back and forth from your table to hot kitchen to make sure you and your table are happy and full.

Tip them, be pleasant, and make sure you keep any bad attitude you have outside. These folks are bringing your food to you. Come on, you know you have plenty of leftovers at home you could eat. If you are kind to them, they can have a bit of a better day on such a busy work day.

3. Bring the holiday spirit.

What is coming in less than a month? Christmas, that is right. The time for being grateful, kind, and giving. Being "Christ like" and as a good a person as possible. It is the one time of year we can all agree to be nice to each other. So, let's be nice to one another.

When you see that tired girl working behind the makeup counter, give her a smile and say something nice. That guy that is putting the thousandth pair of shoes on the millionth kid needs a polite "Hi." Anyone working on Black Friday could use a little of that nice holiday spirit from you.

Don't leave them hanging with a short reply when they ask how you are doing today. Don't push past them when they are trying to help another costumer. Keep your sassy comments and general bad mouth shut when all they want to do is give you want you want. Why have a bad attitude?

4. This might be a hard time for them.

Those people out there working hard on Black Friday have personal lives, too. Just like you, they have friends, a family, and a life of their own. You don;t know their story, so why judge them?

Who knows if that lady bringing you the box from the back just lost her husband and this will be her first holiday season without him. You don't know for sure if that man greeting you at Walmart didn't lose his job at the factory, where he worked for 40 years, during the recession and now struggles to pay for his wife's medicine. You can't say that any of the people working that messy day aren't having a harder time in life right now than you.

This is an important time to show your true colors. Are you a compassionate, forgiving, patient, and loving person to strangers? Or, are you a cold hearted and selfish shoppers only looking to please your Christmas list and anyone else is just in the way?

5. Someone else may not.

If you watched someone yell and scream insults and other slander at a Black Friday employee, would you not feel ashamed for them? Would you not feel bad for the person receiving this cruel treatment?

Why be that person? Help these people working on Black Friday by giving them one less person that will treat them horribly. Keep in the back of your mind that, more than likely, these workers are going to see a lot of angry people. Make yourself that one person that wasn't evil to them.

And, don't let it stand that someone else say something as horrible as, "You suck," to anyone. Lead by example.

Please, be kind to those working this Black Friday.

Get your amazing deals, have your work free lunch and dinner, and be kind.