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Knowing the day of the week this time of the year can save East Texans a lot of money and time. We'll soon be gathering around the Thanksgiving table and enjoying a good meal with family and friends and soon after it's all about the holiday rush to get everything bought and shipped for Christmas.

Without a doubt, Texas consumers are being bombarded by the commercialism of Christmas sooner and sooner each year. Christmas ads are on TV before Halloween is even over. Retailers are even holding 'Black Friday' sales in October and throughout the month of November.

The retail landscape has dramatically changed, long gone are the days of Black Friday shoppers looking through the sale ads during Thanksgiving dinner to make a plan of attack to find the best deals on Christmas presents as you prepared to fight the crowds at the big box retailers and mall come Black Friday morning at 6 a.m.

In the world of retail, the days leading up to Thanksgiving and following the day of feasting have taken on their own personalities and have been given their own names beginning with Thanksgiving itself.

Know The New Names For The Days Of The Week Around Thanksgiving

The day formerly known as Thanksgiving has become Gray Thursday because many retailers have decided to open up at some point on Thanksgiving to get a jump on Black Friday.

Speaking of Black Friday, this is traditionally the biggest day in the retail world when hundreds of thousands of items are on sale at a huge discount in many cases. Retailers count on big sales during this one day and in some cases, it could make or break their sales year.

With stores having their entire inventory online and in an app, Black Friday sales now take place on phones.

Then there's Small Business Saturday. This day was created by a credit card company to show support for local businesses because Black Friday was owned by big box and chain retailers.

As of right now, we take a break on Sunday and get recharged for what's to come on Monday!

Monday has become the largest shopping day of the year for online retailers on Cyber Monday. Just like the big box retailers and small businesses, online retailers will run huge sales just like the brick-and-mortar stores did two and three days ago.

Once the mad dash and shopping are well underway comes time to support local non-profits and charities on Giving Tuesday. These organizations are here year-round and do their best to support those in need within our communities and they are looking for support as well.

So when you look at the week beginning with Thanksgiving Day, there's something happening every day except on Sunday and Wednesday.

Just to recap, we eat, shop, shop again, shop small, rest, shop online and give!

  • Gray Thursday
  • Black Friday
  • Small Business Saturday
  • Sunday - is just Sunday (for now)
  • Cyber Monday
  • Giving Tuesday
  • Wednesday - is just another Wednesday for now, just waiting for a name!

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