The Texas Lottery Mega Millions multi-state jackpot was at $476 million yesterday morning but now has grown to be $500 million!  A HALF A BILLION DOLLARS could be going into your bank account if you pick the right numbers for tomorrow nights lottery drawing!  But before you go picking the numbers you'll want to know what your odds are first!

As I was watching Nightline on ABC last night, they did a report on the lottery and a numbers expert explained what your chances are to win the $500 million jackpot!  It's astonishing, there are nearly 4 million different combinations just the get the first 5 numbers right, then you factor in the other 46 numbers with the mega ball and you come up with nearly 176 million different combinations - to win the half billion dollars!

Now with all those combinations, you better choose your numbers wisely!

Catch the breakdown in the report below (it'll show up around the 1:15 mark).

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