Celebrity’s Face Carved into East Texas Field
It can’t be easy carving a face into a corn field. How in the world do they do that? Walking through the maze, you probably can’t tell all the paths are making a face or that you’re walking through an eyeball, but from the air it looks pretty cool.
Shopping Season is Here
On a shopping trip this weekend I saw what may be the first one of the year. A Christmas tree! On September 15th. At this particular store, the Christmas tree was fully decorated, and the snow globes, stockings, and Christmas cards were already for sale. Right there next to the Halloween decorations. Kidd Kraddick has asked the question before, and I'll ask it again. How early is too early?
Cowboys Visit Seattle Sunday — Remember Last Time?
I’m the first one to agree you can’t be defined by one event, or one circumstance, or one fleeting moment in time. BUT! Anyone remember that bobbled snap in the 2006 playoff game that kicked us all in the gut? All Cowboy fans anyway. Tony Romo was the holder for the field goal kicker back then. The Cowboys were about too win the Wild Card game at Seattle, all they needed was a field goal as time e
Kids Eat Free in Tyler – Best Restaurant Deals
Going out to eat as a family can put a dent in anyone's wallet.Luckily for us, a large number of restaurants offer kids meals for free one or more days a week. Some of these restaurants don't advertise their 'kid's eat free' days,  so you may be surprised by some of the places on this list.
This is the Most Forgotten Item at Hotels
Have you ever checked out of a hotel, traveled home, and then realized you left something behind in the room? I have. On a road trip to the north, my family stayed at a hotel in Wichita, Kansas, and when we got home we could only find one Dora The Explorer sock. In the process of jumping on the bed and running around the room, our 3-year old at the time must have shed a sock and a cleaning person
Deep Fried Fair Food — What’s Your Favorite? [POLL]
I think the hot dog was the first thing that was battered in corn meal, deep fried and offered up at the fair.  For as long as I can remember, I've always had a corn dog at the fair, but now the deep fried menu has expanded greatly and offers up quite a few tasty treats for fair goers every year.
Tyler Businesses Affected by Go Daddy Hack
Indy racer Danica Patrick’s #7 car has become a well-known symbol for the company Go Daddy. Turns out, nobody could navigate Go Daddy out of yesterday’s hack that shut down millions of websites, including several in Tyler. If you went to a website on Monday and you got an error message, chances are it wasn’t your internet connection. A hacker group has claimed responsibility for shutting down Go D
Children’s Consignment Sale Going on in Tyler
The Children's Consignment Sale returns to Harvey Convention Center in Tyler Thursday, Friday and Saturday and it brings a load of savings to East Texas families.  When you have kids you realize how quickly they outgrow their clothes and their toys can be the same way too.  The Children's Consignment Sale can be pictured in your mind as a gigantic resale shop or garage sale of types filled with ev

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