If you live in a city long enough, you develop the lingo with your fellow citizens as well as the best-kept secrets and the knowledge of certain things only THEY would understand.

This is just as true for East Texas. From our road trips to our favorite iconic fast-food restaurant in East Texas, here's eight things you should NEVER say to a true East Texan.

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    I'm headed to PalesTINE.

    Wow...are you sure you know where you're going? PalesTINE is in a whole other country. However, if you're headed to PalesTEEN, its just south of Tyler.

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    We have better BBQ in _______.

    Texas BBQ is true BBQ and you will not find any BBQ better than Stanley’s in Tyler or Bodacious in Longview. If you do not agree, then bless your heart.

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    In-and-Out is better than Whataburger.

    Oh, no, no, no..Them's fightin' words. Whataburger is a tried and true staple in East Texas...in all of Texas as a matter of fact!

  • Ethan Miller, Getty Images
    Ethan Miller, Getty Images

    No one famous came from East Texas.

    We beg to differ:

    • Matthew McConaughey- Longview
    • Sissy Spacek - Quitman
    • Miranda Lambert - Lindale
    • Patrick Mahomes - Whitehouse
    • Neal McCoy - Jacksonville
    • Lee Ann Womack - Jacksonville
    • Sandy Duncan - Tyler
    • Margo Martindale - Jacksonville
    • Earl Campbell - Tyler

    Need we say more? Didn't think so...

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    Is BrookSHYERS a good grocery store?

    Umm...it's pronounced BrookSHERS. The first Brookshire's grocery store opened in downtown Tyler in 1928, and a true East Texan knows how to pronounce the name.

  • Matt Cardy, Getty Images
    Matt Cardy, Getty Images

    I don't like roses.

    A beautiful part of our local economy is tied to our amazing rose industry, and Tyler has the largest municipal rose garden in the country. We all need to stop and smell the roses sometimes. It is medicine for the soul.

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    Spencer Platt, Getty Images

    What's a Spindletop/Wooley Booger/Pumpjack?

    Asking that question is a true tip-off you are not from around here. Oil is in our blood, and it is the backbone of many of our East Texas towns. Don't believe me? Just visit Kilgore and the East Texas Oil Museum.

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    I have an idea for a restaurant in ______.

    Please don't. Tyler and Longview are saturated with restaurants both local and national. Just about every option is now available...just look around.

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