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Ready or not, schools are opening across the country.  All of the back and forth we have had over whether or not schools would be safe to open for the 2020-2021 school year has come down to this moment.  Will you send your kids to school and run the risk of them becoming infected (and possibly bringing it home), or will you put your own sanity on the line with distance learning?

Luckily, parents here have a choice - and (in my experience with the matter) the schools have been very helpful, understanding, and accommodating when it comes to our choice to keep our son at home until we are sure it's safe for everyone.  They have issued lesson plans, provided on-line resources, and even hardware like Chromebooks and MiFi hot-spots to make sure kids get the best education possible.

Now, implementing this new distance learning is up to us.  My wife and I have had several discussions about how to make it easier for the boy to concentrate when it's time for school.  He's into remote control cars, Fortnite, and more - and all of it is in his room, AKA his new classroom.  With all of that surrounding him, and his little sister (in her terrible twos) running around singing the Star Wars theme song (she sings the melody, I know there are no words) - how could he possibly concentrate?

With that question in mind, we set out to create a more suitable learning environment.  Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Education Center for Technology in Education have provided us with some really helpful tips to make it happen.

8 Ways to Help Distance Learners Focus


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