The Houston Astros brought home another World Series championship Saturday night at Minute Maid park in Houston beating the Philadelphia Phillies 4-1 in Game 6. The Astros players had a huge celebration on the field in front of their home crowd. Monday, they got to celebrate again with a huge parade through downtown Houston. For a couple of Houston Astros fans, they found an interesting way to celebrate... getting into a fight.

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I've Never Thought of Fighting as a Way to Celebrate

For these two ladies, its only a guess as to what sparked this confrontation. Maybe one of them was talking smack about the asterisk on the Astros last championship in 2017. I mean, the team was caught stealing signs. Some would say they cheated to get that last pennant.

Wait. Caught? Cheating?

It makes since. Maybe the one chick's man was cheating on her with the other chick. Maybe some video from the game showed the two together in the stands. The other chick was mad because she was supposed to go.

We Can Only Assume

No matter the reasoning behind the chick fight, it went down during the parade. Instead of waving at Jose Altuve or ogling over the adorable marriage of Justin Verlander and Kate Upton, these two wanted to celebrate by throwing hands. Luckily, there were 20 people surrounding the open circle to film the ruckus for us to wonder what started the fisticuff.

It didn't last too long. It looks like the friend of the smaller chick was trying her best to get the other chick off of her friend. That's when a lone dude stepped in to help break it up. I'm sure police will get involved with this at some point with some kind of charges expected to be levied.

Until then, keep it classy Houston, keep it classy.

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