An East Texas lawn care company shared a reminder about baby copperheads that we all need to keep in mind.

Starting about NOW and continuing through the month of November, please take a little extra time when you walking about outside and keep an eye open for baby copperheads. *runs away screaming*

Have you seen any yet?

I myself have not. At least not this year.

I remember the first time I happened upon a baby copperhead. It was a couple of years ago. 

I grew up in the suburbs and my parents tended to make sure our lawns at our houses were quite trim. It wasn't until I found myself living on a bit of land a little further out of town that I encountered my first little copperhead. Awww, how CUTE! WHAT?! NO.

Actually, I was just walking out by the pool and literally almost stepped on one directly. When I saw what I was about to do I felt my spine tingle and somehow subconsciously launched into an awkward jump-swirl. I'm surprised I didn't fling myself screaming into the pool itself. NOT a happy experience. LOL.

Yeah, that's hard for me to say because I have a tendency to love all living creatures. At the same time, some creatures are better "loved" from afar. And this is a perfect example. Cuz here's the thing:

Yes, baby copperheads are very small as you can see in the photo shared courtesy of Holy Grounds Lawn Care & Restoration--BUT, they can still inject venom.

And so, if you're going to be wandering about outside in taller grass, they recommend wearing closed shoes. They also said baby copperheads tend to like damper areas. So, places to watch out for especially? Be careful near dog bowls, flower pots, or any areas that tend to be...well--DAMP. And just generally look extra carefully whenever you're outside handling tools, etc.

Have you seen any baby copperheads or other poisonous snakes out and about in East Texas yet? Send stories or photos to

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