The most impressive thing about the 72 oz Steak Challenge at The Big Texan in Amarillo, Texas, is that it still has a way of captivating audiences. Food challenges are a dime a dozen, but there's something about the 72 oz steak that makes us all stop what we're doing to spectate.

Especially when a guy beats it twice in one try.

Momotion Is No Joke. He Destroyed The 72 oz Steak In Amarillo!

Momotion, a digital content creator, recently made the trek to The Big Texan in Amarillo to take on the legendary steak challenge. If somehow you still don't know what that consists of, here's what winds up on the table:

  • 72 oz steak
  • baked potato
  • salad
  • shrimp cocktail
  • roll and butter

When you take on the challenge, you have one whole hour to get the job done or face the consequences. Those consequences are you having to pay for the meal.

Mo decided to set himself apart from the usual challenger, and had two meals brought to the table.

Could A New 72 oz Steak Record Holder Be On The Way?

Mo not only finished the first meal, he destroyed the second one as well.

Mo cleaned up two of the 72 oz steak challenges in one hour, and twelve minutes. According to a post on Facebook from The Big Texan, he also decided to have a piece of carrot cake!


The Facebook post also mentions that Mo has future plans for The Big Texan. Supposedly, he's planning on coming back and taking his shot at the record. He's looking at potentially trying to knock out four consecutive 72 oz steaks.

My stomach hurts and I feel sick just thinking about trying to consume that much food in one sitting.

Molly Shuyler set the record at three of the dinners consecutively, and did it in under 20 minutes.

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