Way back on October 8, 2014, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured our sun looking like a jack-o-lantern. Why are we just now hearing about this five years later?

Let's speculate below.


I think aliens landed on the sun and caused some fiery waves. They must have been wearing some kind of heat resistant suits to be able to withstand the extreme heat. If we could have some proper communication with them, we should ask to borrow those suits so we can make a visit to our giver of warmth and light.

NASA Trolls

NASA is low key trolling us. This photo was taken in 2014. I can imagine the conversation, "Let's keep this under wraps and release it years later. We can just say the distance between us and the sun caused the delay in getting the image. It'll also drive some radio station bloggers to write ridiculous theories about why we took long to release it. It'll be fun."

Mad Sun

The sun was mad because he couldn't cool down and needed to release some heat. I mean he does burn at like a million kelvin or something. Space is cold but not like a cold to keep cool. He just needed to blow some flames into space and get down to 500,000 kelvin.

Some wild theories, yes, but that's the beauty of being a silly radio DJ. We can show off cool stuff and have a little fun with it. Happy Halloween ghouls and ghosts.

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