It's one of those things that make you say 'Only In Texas'!

While traveling the vast roads of Texas, without a doubt, you're going to see things that make you do a double take and in some cases make your head spin around because you can't believe what you just saw! A lot of times when images like this get pointed out to me I'm driving and I miss them. Thankfully though this guy had video rolling while passing a limo pulling a pontoon boat!

Josh Wilson posted the video on his Facebook page while making a stop at one of the biggest, if not the biggest, travel centers along the highway! At a Buc-ee's location in Baytown he spotted the strangest thing - a limo pulling a pontoon boat! This is a first for me and I've been a Texan all my life and have seen some strange things and this one is nearing the top of the list - if not making it to number one!

Now, with this in mind, what are some of the strangest things you've seen while traveling in the great state of Texas? Let me know by telling me in the comment section below!

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