A Texas woman created a huge gingerbread Buc-ee's and placed her co-workers in the scene and we are here for it.

Deanna Vaters, who works for the Williamson County Tax Assessors Office, teamed up with her hubby and together created a gingerbread masterpiece that, frankly in our opinion, is award-worthy. Vaters said in a video posted on the Williamson County X Account, that she based her gingerbread confection on a Buc-ee's location in Bastrop, not too far east of Austin, Texas.

Vaters said in the video she and her husband, Paul, had an inspiration for the idea to create a gingerbread Buc-ee's, which led to them traveling to the Bastrop, Texas location to snap some photos to get a better perspective of what they'd be soon creating.

After that, they headed home to begin creating their vision that would soon delight not only the co-workers at the Williamson County Tax Office but also people from all over.

Over the six years she has worked for Williamson County, she must've formed some solid relationships with her co-workers, because Vaters placed cut-outs of her fellow employees in the snowy scene.

Vaters said that each year she would take photos of her co-workers in various fun, seasonal poses and that the mini-photo session was something they started to look forward to as the holidays approached. And while some of us take photos of our co-workers and may post them on social media, Vaters and her husband turned them into absolute art.

In the photos and video below, take a look at the exquisite detail and care that was taken to create the gingerbread Buc-ees. Vaters even added model cars and Buc-ee's signs that just made it that much more amazing.

The photos describe it better than I ever could. Let's take a look. The video showing her work follows right after the photos.

Look at This Huge Gingerbread Buc-ee's This Texas Woman Built

She said based her gingerbread confection on a Buc-ee's location in Bastrop, not too far east of Austin, Texas.

Gallery Credit: Tara Holley

Here's the video where Vaters explains her inspiration and shows her work:

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