The name of the camp pretty much sums it up. At Camp No Counselors, there are no counselors!

The idea was originally thought up on the ABC show, Shark Tank, and it's a pretty simple premise: what if we as adults could go back to summer camp? How fun would it be to do all of the adult activities in a summer camp setting? Well, it looks like now e can find out.

There are two Camp No Counselor locations in Texas - one in Austin and the other in San Antonio. Each site is unique to its environment. Each camp does include land and water sports, arts and crafts, epic theme parties every night, open bar, good food and anything else you would do at a summer camp. The video alone made me text my friends asking when we can do this together.

It looks like the average rate is between $600-$700 - but that's over four days with lodging, food, and drink all included! So in the end, not too shabby. Plus if you go with a group of 4 or more, knock off $25 for each person.

Their website gives you the typical day for each schedule as well as a list of all their 16 locations in the United States.

Here is my favorite testimonial from their website:

So…exactly what I needed.

This is to the people that have somehow someway managed to crack through my wallflower mentality.

Its been a little while since I’ve actually talked to real people with real things to say. With work and the speed of life, reality becomes blurred in the form of checklists and routine. This camp is a true beacon of light that offers perspective. It allows us all to see through the eyes of others. From strangers to a beautiful dysfunctional family and all that in just three nights.

Check out their schedule and see if one of the locations close to you has an opening.

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