For anyone who's been in the Lone Star State more than a month, this is NOT breaking news!  Still, it's interesting to see a survey of 10,000 burger fans conducted coast to coast that reinforces what almost all of us already know.

WideOpenEats recently shared results of the study, which compiled the fast-food favorites state by state across the USA.  While Five Guys (seriously?) & In-N-Out (a few locals agree) topped the ranks in 15 different state, Whataburger was the runaway winner in Texas, as well as Louisiana!  Even Oklahoma has surrendered to the culinary satisfaction our homegrown Whataburger delivers, & you know deep down they hate giving that much credit to anything that comes from Texas!

On a side note, while living in Milwaukee I did enjoy Culver's, which ranked #1 in Wisconsin, Iowa, & Minnesota.  (The closest Whataburger was almost 200 miles away, so options were limited.)

And here's a related late-breaking development:  a joint in Arkansas is trying to cash in on Whataburger's popularity.  Check out this "Whatta-Burger" thanks to a Texas reporter's twitter!   For the record, there ARE several legit Whataburger locations in Arkansas.  I'm sure the lawyers are already on the case.

Writing this story has made me hungry for a jalapeno & cheese, or maybe a bacon & cheese- better yet, one of each!  Time for an early lunch- see you at Whataburger...     

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