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Last weekend Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour had a three-night stint at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas where she entertained more than 210,000 Swifties and set a new concert attendance record at the stadium. Each of the shows was filled with die-hard fans who came prepared with their voices to scream and sing along to every single one of the 48 songs she performed during the three-hour show.

The Eras Tour continues across the U.S. and will wrap up with five big shows in Los Angeles in early August. As Swifties around the nation prepare and get ready to see her and the electrifying show she puts on, they're also having to come up with some creative reasons why they'll miss work or school the following day or even have to reschedule a birthday party or wedding!

With three shows coming up at NRG Stadium in Houston near the end of the month, an Austin, Texas mom crafted the perfect note for her daughter to excuse her from school on Monday, the day after they see The Eras Tour. The Austin lawyer wrote the following message to her daughter's teacher excusing her absence from school on the following Monday and then posted it on Twitter:

Dear Reader [Ms. Parks],

I’m writing to let you know that Maddie won’t be in school on 4/24 because she is going to the Taylor Swift concert in Houston. I hope missing school doesn’t ruin her otherwise stellar Reputation, but she begged me to go and maybe I Should Have Said No but I didn’t want to be Mean. So It Goes…

Anyway, I hope this doesn’t leave any Bad Blood between you and Maddie and that things for the rest of the year are not Treacherous. I know I Did Something Bad and I promise this will be The Last Time she has an unexcused absence before the Cruel Summer starts.

Forever & Always,
-Karen Vladeck.

The cleverly written excuse was full of Taylor Swift song title references and she was wondering how her daughter's teacher would receive the pun-heavy note. The teacher, Ms. Parks, apparently got it because her reply said, 'THIS MADE MY ENTIRE DAY.' So it appears as if Maddie will not have to go to school on Monday after the show! The Austin mom was excited about her response and said it was much better than her husband's was!

I have no doubt that Maddie and her mom are going to have a great time seeing Taylor Swift in Houston. Thanks to Karen Vladeck for sharing this.

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