Maybe you've seen a pet cat gave birth to a litter of kittens. And dogs can have more than one pup at a time. But a cow?

Usually cows have just one and they're done. But not this cow. The calves just kept coming.

The over-achieving cow that had all the babies lives in Dekalb, Texas, near the Arkansas-Oklahoma border. She had four calves on March 16, and her owners say it was three boys and a girl. Or three bull calves and a heifer if you want to use terminology that would make my cattle-ranching father proud.

Ladies, could you imagine the task at hand now, as this cow tries to nurse all four of the newborns? Impossible. So neighbors are chipping in to take care of some of the calves and help with bottle feeding. Maybe mama cow can get some sleep that way.

Since it's such a rare accomplishment to have quadruplet calves (like 1 in 11.2 million), veterinarians are busy gathering DNA to verify that all four did come from the same mother.

A truly amazing feat. At least cows don't have to change diapers.

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