I had a horrible task to deal with yesterday but it was actually a very nice outing. It all began with the fact that I had to go to the DMV to renew my drivers license... Great.

I was told a short drive to Jacksonville from Tyler would be worth it, because that office is normally not as packed as the one in Tyler. To my pleasant surprise, this was the case and I got in and out - leaving me with a few extra minutes to stop at Lookout Mountain in Jacksonville.

So after admiring the scenery, I did a little walking before discovering a Texas Historical Marker - LOVE'S LOOKOUT.

Jason Eisenberg | TSM
Jason Eisenberg | TSM

The marker shares information about John Wesley Love who owned a 600-acre peach orchard, known as 'Love's Lookout'. The beautiful point with a view was admired and cherished by area residents even after Love passed away in 1925. The family then donated 22.2 acres to the state for a park - Jacksonville bought 25 more acres and developed both tracts as a WPA project. In 1940, J.L. and Jewel Newton Brown gave the city 122 acres next to the park in tribute to pioneers of Larissa.

The ridge Love's Lookout Park sits on is nine miles long with two historic lookout points that boast views of up to 35 miles - Love's Lookout and Point Lookout. According to the Texas Marker, between the two locations rests a narrow valley consisting of an Indian Trail and later a Pioneer Road.

The marker continues... The pass became known as McKee's Gap in 1845, after Thomas McKee led a group of Presbyterians here from Tennessee and began the town of Larissa, named by McKee's son.

This is by far the nicest resting area I've come across and most certainly a place where I'd take my 'lady-to-be' if I was ever in hot water with her.

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