While out exploring the Grand Canyon during spring break, a University of North Texas student ends up stranded and lost in the Grand Canyon for five days before being rescued. Amber VanHecke tells her incredible story of survival and rationing of her snacks and supplies to Dallas' Fox 4. Without a doubt this is one spring break she will never forget and pretty sure she'd never want to experience ever again. It all began with a decision not to pay $2.70 for gas and a wrong turn. While driving, Amber's car ran out of gas in a remote area of the national park about 20 miles from civilization. She made a sign for help out of rocks, rationed her water to just 2 bottles per day along with rationing of snacks she had along for her trip through the Grand Canyon. After five days she leaves the safety of her vehicle in search of a cell signal. She tells CBS 11 in Dallas that she tried calling 911 a total of 76 times, but something happened on that 76th time that made her fear her call didn't really convey the seriousness of her situation. Find out how she gets rescued and what the rescuers had to say to her upon discovering her in the Fox 4 news report.

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