If you've ever experienced the heartbreak and horror of losing your beloved dog or cat, you know what a true nightmare it can be. Especially on the first night when the sun goes down and you have no idea where they are and whether or not they're cold, hungry, or have run across kind people who are looking after them.

On top of that, there's the fear that even if they ARE found and some kind soul takes them to a veterinarian's office, no one will know to whom they belong. I have been there. It's one of the saddest lessons I've ever had to learn.

Ever since then, I've always made sure to get my pets micro-chipped. No, it doesn't mean that you can locate them with phone app, although I wish we could. What is DOES do is make sure that if they are brought in to a vet's office, that chip can be scanned and compared to a guardian list that is shared nation-wide. That means, you can be contacted and your dear furry friend gets to come back home.

It's inexpensive and easy. The SPCA of East Texas and Fresh by Brookshires invite you to their micro-chipping event coming on November 2. You can even have an ID tag engraved on-site!

The micro-chips are only $10 and the ID tags are only $5. Connect with them via their Facebook event page here.

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