While many people are still very unsure of ChatGPT or artificial intelligence I find it fascinating how it will simplify things for us on a daily basis. One of the biggest problems that people have with living in East Texas is the extreme heat and humidity during the summer months. I’m one of the crazy people who don’t mind it too much and actually like sweating when I’m at home and can still remain comfortable. But I wanted to see what Chat GPT had for suggestions as to how people could beat the heat during a Texas summer.   

If you don’t have a plan on those extremely hot days, it won’t take long until your health and safety could be in danger. If you start feeling dizzy, have a rapid heartbeat, get nauseous, or have trouble concentrating then you should seek medical attention. Those could be signs of a heat stroke or heat exhaustion and could lead to very serious problems including death. Act immediately. 

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10 Ways to Stay Comfortable According to AI 

My goal when I use ChatGPT is to stump the program, but it took only seconds for a list of 10 ways to beat the Texas heat to be created by the program. Doing these 10 things will make life much better, it’s still going to be hot, but you will be much better equiped to deal with the extreme temps. 

Let’s See the List of Suggestions 

I’m sure you do some of these things without even thinking about it, some of them are common sense. But let’s take a look at what AI thinks we should do to handle the extreme heat that a Texas summer brings. 

10 Ways to Beat the Heat During Texas Months

Summertime in Texas gets extremely hot but here are 10 ways to help beat the heat.

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