A co-worker and I went to have lunch at Dairy Queen in Tyler yesterday and we were greeted by a rather sad letter that was taped to to both sides of the front door. The Dairy Queen in the French Quarter will be closing its doors after being there for 37 years.

The letter that is taped to the front door states:

DQ Customers:

The entire French Quarter Dairy Queen team wants to Thank You for 37 great years.


This Saturday, August 31st will be our last day of operations here.


We look forward to the opportunity of serving you Great DQ Treats & Eats in the future.


Come see us at 1809 ESE Loop 323 @ Paluxy."

The letter goes on to give a couple of reasons why this particular store is closing:

Why?... Medians, signage and a trend toward owning our own property."

So our little trips to get an afternoon Blizzard will take a little longer, but we'll be making the three-minute trip on around the loop to "purple Dairy Queen", as that's what my daughter calls it! I'm pretty sure they'll be building another one in Tyler to replace this one, my vote is go south on Broadway (that's where everything else is going).

Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1