Whether we like it or not theft happens everywhere including here in the great state of Texas. Sure, we will do what we can to stop this behavior especially when it’s theft that targets us like catalytic converter theft. We can try to park in areas that are well lit but if a thief really wants to steal something they are going to do it. But according to Kelley Blue Book here is a look at 10 vehicles that thieves are targeting when looking to steal catalytic converters in Texas. 


The details released from KBB show that catalytic converter thefts have skyrocketed since 2020. This information was backed up by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, we’re talking about nearly 153,000 catalytic converters stolen in 2022 alone. Thieves are out there, be careful. 

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Why Do Thieves Want Catalytic Converters? 

It’s the metal that these vehicle parts are made with. The metal is Palladium which used to cost about $500 per ounce 5 years ago, now that same metal is costing nearly $1,437.50 per ounce. Thieves want to sell the metal for profit and they are willing to do whatever it takes to get the metal. 

Vehicles Targeted Most for Their Catalytic Converters: 

Obviously, no one knows if their vehicle is being targeted by a thief. But it’s still good to know if your vehicle is on the list of most targeted by thieves looking to steal catalytic converters. Here is a look at vehicles that are targeted the most, so hopefully you don’t become a victim of theft. 

Vehicles Targeted for Catalytic Converter Theft in Texas

Here is a look at vehicles that get targeted the most by thieves looking for a catalytic converter.

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