The eclipse is almost here in the state of Texas.

You've probably noticed a lot of changes in regards to area around us. There's many new people around the Lone Star State, many of our favorite foods will be in short supply...the list is very long. With so many in Texas, other things will be affected as well.

But let's go back to the amount of people that will be in the state. That is certainly going to make the roads more difficult to traverse. Nobody wants to be caught behind delays in traffic, especially on the day of the event.

But, with busy roads, delays are going to happen. This effects one major part of the state: emergency services. To help with those who need those services, the state has put out some helpful reminders.

Using 911 The Right Way On The Day Of The Eclipse

As reported by KXXV, some Texas counties are encouraging residents to remember how to use 911 properly. The news organization spoke to McLennan County 911 for tips on the day of the eclipse.

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McLennan County told KXXV that 911 should only be used for fire, medical, and police needed as soon as possible. Reasons for calling 911 that aren't considered high priority are as follows:

- Asking for directions,
- Directory assistance
- General inquiries
- Reporting utility problems

Those situations can be reported to numbers that are considered non-emergency. In addition, KXXV reports that dispatchers in the Lone Star State are expecting to see calls to 911 almost triple during the eclipse event.

Be smart and be safe Texas!

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