Granted, it may not be a shock to know that Austin, Houston, and Dallas, Texas are not on that list. But, you may be shocked, indeed, when you find out which cities ARE on the list.

If one of your goals is to live as frugally as possible, there are more than a few great options to consider.

Whether it's the geographical diversity, the business-friendly climate, or simply the welcoming nature of Texans who embrace that idea of Southern hospitality, there are many things we love about living in Texas. And it's not too hard to consider these may be some of the reasons so many people are moving here.

Combine those reasons with general inflation and the cost of living going up and up and UP, some people moving here, and even those native Texans that have been here their entire lives may find themselves looking for more affordable places to live in the Lone Star State.

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OK, let's get to the point. Where are these alleged cheapest places to live in Texas?

There are several possibilities for people who love living in Texas but want something less expensive. Plus, more and more jobs are being done remotely. Because of this and other reasons, the on-location work paradigm we've been living with for many years may be permanently shifting.

And in case you're planning (or hoping) to retire soon, finding a more affordable place to live in Texas has become more of a priority, as long as those places offer a lifestyle that makes sense for them, their family, and the phase of life in which they find themselves.

Disclaimer: This list isn't exhaustive.

That being said, here are 10 of the cheapest places to live in Texas according to the combined sources of and also a little help from Chap GPT:

10 of the Cheapest Places to Live in the Great State of Texas

Some of the people moving here, and even native Texans may find themselves looking for more affordable places to live in the Lone Star State. Here are some great options to consider.

Gallery Credit: Tara Holley

Longview, Texas Mansion on the 18th Hole

You have to see this gorgeous home in Longview with 7 bedrooms currently listed for $1,795,000.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

Incredible $19 Million Dollar Home in Caney City, Texas

This is one of the most picture-perfect properties in Texas which is why the list price is $19 million dollars.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins


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