Maybe it's because I'm obsessed with Downtown Abbey, Harry Potter and Disney animated films, but I'm really excited about the upcoming release of Disney's Live action Beauty and the Beast.

Here's the thing... three of my favorite things are coming together. I loved Beauty and the Beast when it debuted in the 1991. To date, it's probably still my favorite of Disney's animated classics.

The music is outstanding, and I love the story of love and redemption.

Disney made my heart leap when they announced that the classic story will be brought to life by two of my favorite performers, Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. Yes, the actress who stole our hearts as 'know-it-all' Hermoine Granger will transform into the inventor's daughter, Belle!

Playing opposite our beauty, will be none other than Matthew Crawley from Downtown Abbey. Yep, Dan Stevens, whose character left the series tragically soon will now portray the Beast who finds redemption through love.

I cannot wait.

Emma Watson shared the new teaser poster today on her Facebook Page, and you can watch the teaser trailer above. The excitement is already building, and the film doesn't release until March 17, 2017.

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