When it comes to eating an Oreo, I can't eat just one because I have to separate at least 3 or 4 of them to make a super Oreo!  I'll scrape the creme filling off and pile it all on top of one and save it to eat last!  Whether you eat your Oreo like I do or eat just the filling or the cookie part I'm sure you've been doing it that way for years.  Nabisco/Kraft is celebrating big today, because its the 100th birthday for Oreo!

Oreo is one of America's favorite dunkable cookie and Nabisco/Kraft is celebrating big. On the Oreo site you can share your favorite memory on how you let your inner kid loose with an Oreo.  They are trying to get more than a million moments!  You can also send a bag of Oreo's to your friends' smartphone, play the Oreo arcade game, check out great Oreo moments and more on the Oreo website!

When talking about the Oreo with my General Manager, Johnny Lathrop, he said I needed to try a deep fried Oreo!  I've never had one, so I went to YouTube and found them deep frying Oreo's!  What's your favorite way to enjoy the 100 year old cookie?

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