This week, ‘American Idol’ contestant Joshua Ledet sang ‘Ain’t Too Proud To Beg’ by Motown sensations the Temptations. After this performance, we don’t think Ledet will have to beg, or even politely ask for America’s vote because he’s already got it. In rehearsal, Jimmy Iovine told the singer he was “a gift” and joked about when, not if, he would be making a record with Ledet.

He took ‘Ain’t Too Proud…’ to places we never could have expected and looked quite dapper in a striped suit coat with an adorable flower in his breast pocket. Fashion isn’t part of the competition, but if it was, Ledet would be the front runner in that as well. Only Steven Tyler was left clapping at the end of his performance as Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson just stared at the singer with a look of complete awe.

Tyler called him one of the top two ‘Idol’ contestants of all time while Lopez told Ledet, “You’re like a throwback to another era, you’re sick — I don’t know what to tell you.” Jackson was enthusiastic, telling Ledet, “You can bring R&B back in a different kind of way. You’ve got the power to do that.”

Just when we thought Joshua Ledet’s second performance couldn’t possibly top his first, he came out with a stoic yet stunning rendition of the hit ‘To Love Somebody’ by the Bee Gees. Whether Ledet is bouncing around the stage singing Bruno Mars or delivering a ballad, he nails it every time.

At the end of this song, the judges were standing and cheering as though they were seeing one of their favorite performers live. Lopez stated, “It’s been years since we’ve seen someone like this. You’re one of the best singers I’ve seen in 50 years — it’s crazy.” Jackson referenced ailing Bee Gees member Robin Gibb and said he would have been proud. He also called Ledet one of the best singers on the show ever.

Watch Joshua Ledet Perform ‘Ain’t Too Proud to Beg’

Watch Joshua Ledet Perform ‘To Love Somebody’

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