We all have things that really stress us out and terrify us. The thing that stresses and terrifies Ana the most came to life on the show.

A few weeks ago Producer Nick came up with a new game for the cast to play and he called it 'Dirty 30'. It's a game where he asks rapid fire trivia questions to a cast member and you answer as many as you can in thirty seconds. Well, Ana has yet to play the game but has been dreading it so much that she's losing sleep over it due to constant worrying.

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Apparently Ana's trivia skills aren't up to par and she can't stand taking timed tests. Just thinking about playing the game stresses her out. Check out the following video to see what she's been doing when she can't go to sleep and as you can guess, Producer Nick makes her worst fear a reality on the show when they play an impromptu round of 'Dirty 30' during the morning newscast.

In other news from the show we learn that J-Si is now responsible for two mortgages and Producer Trey has a warning for everyone after consuming something that could be harmful to your mouth. Plus, Big Al hopes his girlfriend is cool with all of the plans he's making and Kellie says that it’s time to bring this back! Find out what it is in today's best of audio clip.

Listen to "KKMS News Update- Be Careful With Your Mouth!" on Spreaker.Listen to "KKMS News Update- Ana's Worst Fear LIVE!" on Spreaker.

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