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Look around East Texas and you will notice 'Now Hiring' and 'Help Wanted' signs everywhere. There seems to be a labor shortage across East Texas although things are back to normal after the pandemic (for the most part). The labor market is wide open right now, you pick the job and there will most likely be a company willing to hire you. There are job openings in just about every job sector imaginable - retail, restaurant, health care, manufacturing, landscaping, and law enforcement.

Job applicants are looking for the best pay available.  Some companies and businesses have even raised their minimum wage or beginning salary to attract more applicants. But applicants are also looking for special perks from the job too. The Anderson County Sheriff's Office recently changed one of its policies in hopes of luring more applicants and hiring more personnel to fill the vacancies.

The Anderson County Commissioners Court approved a change to the sheriff's office policy when it comes to county-owned vehicles. As it relates to the sheriff's office, authorized drivers of county vehicles could previously take a vehicle home if they lived within the county limits.  This policy has since been amended. The new policy will now allow an employee who is authorized to take home a vehicle, to drive a vehicle home up to 25 miles outside of the county line.

Sheriff W. R. Flores says on Facebook that he believes,

this will greatly enhance our ability to recruit and retain qualified employees from a much larger applicant pool. My thanks to County Judge Robert Johnston and Commissioners Greg Chapin, Rashad Mims, Kenneth Dickson, and Joey Hill for approving this change."

The Anderson County Sheriff's Office is currently looking to fill open positions for deputies, dispatchers, investigators and jailers. Get that application in and if you're hired you could be driving a county vehicle home!

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