Pictures of a yard display have stirred up controversy in Anderson County.

A post on social media from Sept. 21 showed what looks like a scarecrow in a white hooded robe with a symbol used in a prominent racist group, and another picture added in the comment section showed the figure holding a Confederate flag.

It didn't take long for the post to light up with comments. Some responded with outrage; however, others chose to see it as an opportunity to educate children on how wrong the display is in this day and age.

Our news media partner, KLTV, spoke with Palestine City Councilman Mitchell Jordan who said he has to explain to his children that there still are people who look down on them because of their skin color.

Although there were calls to remove the display, freedom of speech and freedom of expression take precedence, leaving authorities with no right to step in and force the owner to take down the display. However, some residents feel there is a point when this right can be taken to far, like this person who said:

But when it gets ugly, it offends people. That's not freedom, that's just being mean.

According to KLTV, the display was taken down Monday afternoon (Sept. 24).

We want to hear from you..what do you think about the display. Did it go to far? Do you see it as a racist statement or an opportunity to educate our youth on hate and ignorance?

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