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I'm not quite sure how someone can abandon such a beautiful dog as Angel in Smith County, Texas. But, that's exactly what her owner previously did to her. I will never understand how someone can just put a domesticated dog out on a county road and expect it to thrive on its own after being cared for and fed. It's expecting things from an owner, and now the dog has to fend for itself.

Thankfully though Angel was rescued and welcomed by the Humane Society's Pet Fur People in Tyler and she's been living in their care since February of 2023, but this girl is looking for her own forever home.

Angel is nearly three years old. Because of her markings, she appears to be part Blue Heeler and Australian Shepherd. Pets Fur People's executive director Gayle Helms she prefers the company of women because she's a bit intimidated by men.

Angel loves the companionship of another dog buddy and plays well with her 'kennel' mates. She weighs about fifty pounds and is caring and well-adjusted. She's looking to start a new chapter in her life after being abandoned and living in the shelter for a year.

She will go home with a starter kit of food, a collar and leash, and a big fluffy bed.  For additional information on adopting Angel call 903.597.2471 or check the Humane Society’s Pets Fur People website. Pets Fur People requires a completed adoption application before arranging a meet and greet. Check out the animals that are available for adoption. Adoption hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10 am until 5 pm - closed for lunch 1-2 pm. The Humane Society’s Pets Fur People is the only brick-and-mortar no-kill shelter in East Texas. Pets Fur People offers routine vaccinations, except for rabies, to the public for dogs and cats. Follow Pets Fur People on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please be a responsible pet owner - spay or neuter your pets. Donations are appreciated.

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