Have You Been Receiving Annoying Texts From Unknown Numbers About Property You DON'T OWN In Houston or Dallas, TX?

We all know that the real estate market is at absolute insanity right now especially for home buyers and renters alike. One of the reasons things are crazy right now is "speculators" who are looking to pay cash for properties that they can turn around and flip at a crazy price. Some of these folks are so desperate they are spamming folks like me with calls and texts about stuff we DON'T EVEN OWN.

I Started Getting Texts About A Month Ago From An Unrecognized Number


The nonsense on my end began at the start of February when I started getting texts from a number I didn't know from someone called "Kerry" inquiring about a property. Now the "mischievous" side of me thought for a split second to con the con man and sell him something I don't own but A couple of quick "red flags" stood out to me including:

  1. My name is not "Jermaine"
  2. I never lived at any address listed as 501 5th St. N....like EVER.

I Didn't Pay It Any More Attention Until.....


Pardon my French, but since I'm not on the radio and not bound by FCC regulations in this article, I'm going to cuss: This Mother F***er kept texting me about it. One day before they texted me on March 10th, they actually called me and I answered the phone. The conversation went like this:

Hello, May I speak to Jermaine...

"There's no Jermaine here, How Can I help?" (I wasn't about to give these a-holes my REAL name)

Oh, We were calling about the property at N. 5th St N...

"Jermaine has never owned that property nor has he ever lived there"

*long pause* (probably checking the script)

Okay, that's no problem, do you have any property you're interesting in selling...

*hangs up*

Even after I told them that I didn't own the property, TODAY "Kerry" sent me this:


Disgusting and annoying right? What happened to the "National Do Not Call List" anyway? We got conned on that deal because it seems like we're getting MORE spam calls and texts than ever before so basically it was a "National DO CALL List".

A Quick Google Search Finds That I'm Not Alone


After checking on Google, there's tons of "message board" topics from folks getting these types of texts and calls and the main course of action that's suggested is to simply BLOCK their number or report it as spam to your cell provider.

You can forward the message to 7726 (SPAM), a universal reporting system that alerts carriers of spam and phishing text messages. According to the Federal Trade Commission, reporting them helps the carrier recognize and block future spam attempts.

Some are operating with multiple phone lines, so if you block one and get another, block them too. While its annoying AF, its what you gotta do.

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