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Here we go again.

Despite the warning signs while approaching the low clearance bridge, some truck and bus drivers just aren't paying attention to them and, well, losing!

It seems to happen at least once a year, a truck or bus driver is not paying attention to all the warning systems that are put in place while approaching Longview's Green Street railroad bridge warning them of the low clearance of eleven feet two inches. That low clearance will make most delivery and semi trucks to tall to make it under the bridge, but some drivers leave it up to chance and end up losing.

The latest victim appears to be a bright yellow box truck with its driver thinking they had enough clearance to make it under the bridge, but clearly he didn't. He's not the only one and will definitely not be the last until the road surface is dug lower! The accident happened a little before three Friday afternoon on Green Street near Nelson. This bridge, along with it's big brother at Cotton Street, have claimed a number of trucks throughout the years and it seems to happen at least once a year. The Green and Cotton underpass is has earned the nickname of the Green Monster and even has its own Facebook page.

On Wednesday a bus passed under the Green Monster and it made it under, but not before having something scraped off of its roof and leaving it attached to the underside of the bridge. After a quick check of the Green Street Monster Facebook page, the last time this bridge was involved in a truck stopping incident was back in March when it peeled off the roof of a box truck like it was a tin can.

Longview Police Department via Facebook
Longview Police Department via Facebook

Although there are plenty of signs warning truck drivers of these two low bridges, there will be those that will chance it and some will come out on the losing end of the battle because the bridge will win.

Here are some previous run ins with The Green Street Bridge and The Green Street Monster.

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