Well, there goes my New Year Resolution! I had it all planned out to start eating right and to lose a few pounds, but Applebee’s won’t let me because of their new promotion to kick off 2018.

First it was the margaritas for a buck, then they started the $1 long island ice teas.  Now from Elite Daily, the restaurant chain tweeted about their $13 all-you-can-eat riblet deal, which began on January 1st.  When you order the all-you-can-eat, you can get either riblets or chicken tenders and if you want to live on the wild side you can order both!

To make the deal even sweeter you can wash those riblets or tenders down with at $2 Blue Moon for the month of January. Think about it, all you can eat riblets or chicken tenders with a 10 oz. Blue Moon will satisfy any appetite, but remember these deals vary so contact your local Applebee’s before you stop by.

Applebee's sure does know how to party going into 2018 and with the NFL playoffs and College Bowl games lined up, this seems like a match made in heaven!  Oh, if you just so happen to see me in there, don't tell my diet.

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