Arby's was the highest bidder in the eBay auction to win Pharell Williams' infamous Grammy hat! The fast food chain's winning bid of $44,100 is going toward his charity, From One Hand To AnOTHER, after they placed the winning bid for the ten gallon Vivienne Westwood hat.

Arby's had been joking around with Pharrell because they say the hat he wore to the Grammy's resembled the one in their logo and they sent him the following tweet on Janauary 26th:

Arby's Twitter

When the auction ended, Pharrell apparently didn't know who the high bidder was because he sent out the following tweet and Arby's responded!

Pharrell Williams Twitter

Some of his fans were disappointed when he didn't wear the same style hat during last night's Oscar Awards, but I'm sure there are those out there that would pay a pretty price for that hat too!