For some people, discovering and maybe even exploring 'haunted' places is one of the most fascinating things a person can do.

So tell me, do you believe ghosts and/or spirits roam the places they once inhabited--particularly in places where unfortunate and/or frightening events took place?

Although I have some interest in these claims of the paranormal dwelling amongst the living, it has never held my fascination the way it has for some of us. That doesn't mean I don't understand why humans tend to find these kinds of things intriguing.

BUT I confess, when those who not only study these 'haunted' places but actually investigate them with sophisticated equipment in tow and tell us they feel certain 'energies' in some places, I do find it intriguing.

After all, the idea of some kind of overlap between the worlds of the living and the 'dead,' has been a subject of great interest since the dawning of time.

What makes the study even MORE interesting is when we hear some of these 'haunted' places are right here close to home in East Texas.

Take the East Texas city of Tyler, for example. According to one group that is well-known for their ongoing investigation of the supernatural and schedule overnight trips and explorations, there are several 'haunted' places for those interested.

Though, to be more accurate--it seems Tyler's neighbor, Mineola, boasts the most. Here's a quick tour through the houses, hotels, and abandoned places that some consider FIVE of the most haunted in or near Tyler, Texas:

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Some People Say These Are the Five Most Haunted Places Near Tyler

Here's a quick tour through the houses, hotels, and abandoned places that some consider FIVE of the most haunted in or near Tyler, Texas.

If you'd like to get more detailed info on these haunted places, take a look here.

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