The notorious Yorktown Memorial Hospital, now long abandoned and considered haunted for many years, lies about 75 miles southeast of San Antonio. If you're looking for a Texas road trip that offers something a bit out of the ordinary and you're fascinated by tales and ponderings regarding the supernatural, we may have found just the thing for you.

For just $149 per person, you can can join this brave group as they engage in an all-night investigation of what many consider to be one of the most haunted places in Texas.

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Built in the 1950's by a religious group, this place was created to serve as a rehab center for those suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. The hospital was eventually abandoned in 1980, after only 30 years of its existence."

A little more lore about the Yorktown Memorial Hospital?

According to the hosts from Haunted Rooms America, "the spirits that lurk the darkened and decaying corridors have lured paranormal investigators from around the world to enter into its depths seeking the secrets of former patients and workers. It appears as if the spirits of the thousands who’ve died here may still be lurking in the corridors, trying to escape the tormented life that they once led."
Over a thousand people died here, tragically.
If you go, you'll also learn some of the most basic techniques the paranormal teams use in their investigations. There will be a psychic medium present and there are pre-planned vigils in the schedule.

Ready to buy your tickets for the Friday, August 27 event? Do that here. The event price also includes dinner, pizza from a local food truck. If you choose to stay overnight, be sure and bring a sleeping bag or prepare to sleep in your car near the hospital.

And uh, let us know how it went upon your return. You're a brave soul, aren't you?

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