If you've been a bit down because of retail stores closing by the truckload, or the financial hit from back to school shopping - here's a silver lining for both of those rain-clouds courtesy of an incredible mom and daughter duo from Arkansas.

Harper Jernigan is headed for 4th grade this year and, like millions of moms around the country, her mom is on the hunt for back-to-school supplies.  Carrie Jernigan stopped into Payless at her daughter's request, and while they were shopping Harper asked her mom if she could buy her friend a pair of shoes for school.

She had noticed that her friend Avenger's shoes were too small and, since there was a clearance sale due to the unfortunate closing of Payless stores across the country, she wanted to help. The mother of three joked that she would have to buy several pairs just to make sure that she got the right size.  That's when the inspiration hit - why not just buy them all.  

$21,000 and a huge trailer later, Carrie Jernigan and her family were the proud owner of the entire stores inventory!  According to the Ark-La-Tex Homepage, the Jernigans drove away with:

95 large boxes of 1,500 pairs of shoes ranging from newborn to men’s size 13."

Carrie has inspired her entire community to give.  Her church has organized a drive to go along with the massive shoe donation from the Jernigans.  The donations have now swelled (and continue to grow), and include haircuts, eye exams, school supplies and more.

I'm not suggesting that you buy out a store, but if you are part of an organization looking to make a sizable donation for kids in need this year - you might want to see if any of the closing Payless stores in our area have any shoes left.

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