A$AP Rocky's 'Long.Live.A$AP' is finally on the way in January, and he's got some pretty surprising collaborators. The 'Goldie' MC has tracks with Florence + the Machine and Skrillex on his upcoming record, and the tracks came about in pretty surprising ways.

"It's an honor that people from different genres really appreciate my music," A$AP told MTV News. (He's humble about everything except his good looks!) "It's not just categorized or labeled as ignorant hip-hop or just rap. I feel like when you just say 'rap' it limits it."

The more shocking duet for music fans is likely Rock's song with Florence + the Machine, 'I Come Apart.' How exactly did that go down? Turns out, Flo was a fan of A$AP before he even knew who she was.

"[Florence Welch] is actually a huge fan and she reached out [to me]," Rocky said. "I knew about her from winning Grammys and stuff like that, but I'm not gonna sit here and lie — I wasn't too in tune with the music, so when I found out she was fascinated with my style, that's when the infatuation with her came. I just started doing research and I became a fan."

The fact that they're both fashion forward probably helps. And for followers of Flo, it may not even be too surprising -- remember her friendship with Drake?

As for the Skrillex collabo, 'Wild for the Night,' that was more organic. "Sonny and I, we were friends way before we did the record," Rocky revealed. "I used to hang out with him and go to downtown raves and stuff like that. He's a cool cat, and for him to be so successful, he doesn't act like it, and I like that." He added, "With me and Skrillex, we was just chillin and we were like 'Yo, let's go to the studio.' He had a show and we were in there raving and acting crazy — I love to find any excuse to act ratchet, any reason and I'm gonna be wilin' — so we went to the studio and it was just organic, we was just chilling."

"Everybody was in the studio getting it right, we had friends over and females getting drunk," he smiled. "I had fun that night, had fun making the record and I think everybody else gonna have fun listening to it."

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