The Police in Austin, Texas believe they have arrested a serial killer who could be responsible for murders and violent crimes going back to the mid 1970's. Raul Meza Jr. was arrested in the past week, and already confessed to killing his roommate on May 20th, and another woman in 2019.

Police believe that could just be the beginning, and already suspect Meza in another eight to ten cold cases. After being arrested, it is said that Meza claimed to be ready and prepared to kill again.

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How far back does Meza's criminal activity go?

In 1982 while out on parole, Meza was convicted for raping and killing an 8 year old girl named Kendra Page as she was riding her bicycle near a school. He was paroled only 11 years later into a 30 year sentence much to the objection of Page's family.

Obviously if he was already on parole in 1982, his record goes back over 40 years. On New Year's Eve 1975, just before the beginning of the United States of America's bicentennial year, Meza was among 4 men to rob a convenience store where the store manager was shot in the back. Meza was convicted to 20 years, and only served 5.

It doesn't take advanced math to know that if not paroled, Meza would have been in prison until after Kendra Page had turned 21. That very well could have led to her still being with us today as an almost 50 year old.

For more on Meza's criminal activity time line, check out this article with KXAN.

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