Lords and ladies of the realm, you're invited to an even more dramatic Renaissance Festival in Kilgore this Spring.

The five year-old festival, Avalon Faire, has decided to add a storyline to its growing festival, which begins Saturday, March 30. According to an article from the Longview News-Journal, the storyline will be center around King Arthur and the knights of the round table.

Running each weekend through April 28, the faire will have a new theme each week. Adi DiShion, co-owner of the Avalon Faire old the News-Journal, the first weekend will not be period correct, because it's a pirates weekend, complete with an invasion.

The second weekend, April 6-7, will feature vikings. The third weekend, April 13-14 will be a highland fling, and the fourth weekend, April 20-21, will include the 'Return of the King.' The King's Feast event is already sold out.

Dishon said of the faire, "You’re in a make-believe place, and the real world just kind of fades away." Learn more about the faire

The final weekend will feature fairies, dragons and elves as a part of the mystical them on April 27-28.


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