Every Texan loves biting into a nice cold crisp piece of watermelon on a sweltering July day. But if your watermelon displays these signs, what's intended to be a summer treat, it could mean danger.

Have you ever seen what you assumed to be a delicious and safe watermelon being foaming like Old Yeller? If so, you best dispose of it as if it were Old Yeller, or you and your family could be harmed by it.

Ok, that may be a little too far. But don't send your teenage son, in tears, out to shoot it in the barn, you do not want to eat it though either. A foaming watermelon can be VERY dangerous (like rabid Old Yeller)

A watermelon that has started foaming or leaking liquid should never be consumed, Savoie says. So, if you see foam fizzing out of your watermelon, it is best to carefully dispose of it, no matter how much you want to make something delicious.

This is true even if you're really hungry and the exterior of the scrumptious fruit appears fine. If you ever bite into a piece of watermelon that looks or smells fine but tastes sour or has a tingly fizzy sensation, do not eat another bite. Throw it all out immediately. A watermelon that feels slimy or slippery is also an indication that it has begun to ferment.

It's fermentation, but another disease to be on the lookout for that doesn't just affect watermelons is "Powdery mildew in watermelons is one of the more common illnesses that affect this popular fruit. It is also common in other cucurbits: pumpkins, squash, and cucumber."

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