The newest 'Bachelor' couple -- Sean Lowe and his chosen one, Catherine Giudici -- have been dealing with tabloid rumors that they're on the outs. But those whispers shouldn't be surprising considering the success rate for 'The Bachelor' and 'The Bachelorette' is only about 16 percent.

Which is a whole lot better than the 0 percent success rate on Flavor Flav's dating show 'Flavor of Love.' So there's that.

"Every time Catherine and I go to the grocery store, we will flip through the tabloid magazines and it's all fictitious," he explained to E! News on Thursday, April 4. "We couldn't be happier.  I'm so happy that we are finally in the same city having somewhat of a normal relationship. I couldn't be happier!"

Wait, is he happy? Damn, Sean. Stop being so dodgy.

Lowe says the couple hasn't planned their wedding yet, but they will start all that nonsense after his stint on 'Dancing With the Stars' is over.

Meanwhile, the duo is still holding off on consummating their relationship because Lowe is a self-proclaimed "born-again virgin." But that didn't stop him from offering up his seed to his sister.

We can't even.

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