sean lowe

A Bachelor Breakup?
The newest 'Bachelor' couple -- Sean Lowe and his chosen one, Catherine Giudici -- have been dealing with tabloid rumors that they're on the outs. But those whispers shouldn't be surprising considering the success rate for 'The Bachelor' and 'The Bachelorette' is only about 16 percent.
Which is a who…
Sean Set To Dance
The cast of stars that will be competing for the famed Mirror Ball trophy just got bigger by one! In a surprise announcement on this morning's Good Morning America, ABC announced that Sean Lowe from the current season of The Bachelor would be joining the cast for the show's 16th season.
And Sean Chooses...
The greatest love story since Anne Hathaway began her torrid romance with orchestrated surprise is complete now that Sean has chosen the woman of his pre-arranged dreams on the season finale of 'The Bachelor.'
So, who did he choose -- Catherine or Lindsay?